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Bishop William P. Brown, Ph.D.

Bishop William P. Brown was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee and at a very young age accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as his Savior.  His spiritual roots started with the National Baptist Faith and Church of God in Christ.

Bishop Brown was called into the Ministry in October 1981 and was licensed in December 1982, preaching his trial sermon entitled "Whose Baby Is It?"  The scriptural reference was from St. Matthew 1:16-25.  During his time with the military, Bishop Brown served on staff at Erlanger National Baptist Church in Nuremberg, West Germany, under the leadership of Pastor Richard R. Sampson for one year.  While there, he met Elder Eric C. Williams from the Nuremberg, West Germany Gospel Outreach Center and joined forces with him going throughout Germany spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Through the Gospel Outreach Center, Bishop Brown met many people and many souls were saved.  As a member of the National Baptist Convention and as acting Pastor of the Gospel Outreach Center, Bishop Brown hosted the 1985 European Church of God In Christ (C.O.G.I.C.) convocation and Bibleway convocation.  After being ordained, Bishop Brown worked with several ministries.  Some of the ministries included:  refugee ministries, prison ministries and outreach ministries.  Bishop Brown was President of the Northern Virginia Pastors and Ministers Alliance from 1990-1991.  The Alliance consisted of over eleven churches.

Bishop Brown is Founder, Visionary and Chief Pastor of Mt. Zion Full Gospel Cathedral located in Stafford, Virginia.  He has also served as Pastor of St. Matthew Overcoming Church of God in Washington, D.C., First Baptist Church in Northwest Washington, D.C., then the Gospel Outreach Center in Virginia.  In addition to his pastorate duties at Mt. Zion Full Gospel Cathedral, Bishop Brown was appointed the District Overseer for Northern Virginia (which included the area just south of DC to Richmond) for the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship under the leadership of Presiding Bishop Paul S. Morton.  As God continued to elevate him to the ranks of Bishop, he was chosen by God to become the Third Presiding Bishop, and one of the pioneers, of the Lord's Churches, Fellowships and Ministries International, Inc., headquartered in Clinton, Maryland, under the leadership of First Presiding Bishop Grant B. Williams, Jr.  Bishop Brown played a very integral part in  the Fellowship and is responsible for a great percentage of the growth of that Fellowship.

In July 2002, God gave Bishop Brown a vision to birth The Fellowship of Independent and Global Churches & Ministries, Inc.  Bishop Brown obeyed the voice of God and resigned from The Lord's Churches, Fellowships and Ministries International, Inc. and went to work as God had instructed him and made the vision a reality.  Bishop Brown is the Founder, First Presiding Bishop and Primate of The Fellowship of Independent and Global Churches & Ministries, Inc.  Bishop Brown knows that when you allow God to use you then great things come about through the sacrifices made.

In January 2003, Bishop Brown was accepted into the World Bishops Council, under the leadership of the President, Archbishop Timothy Paul Baymon with agreement of the Holy Synod representing 23 million Christians throughout the world and representing over 20 different denominations, and appointed to the Executive Council.  Bishop Brown also serves as the President of the World Federation of Churches.  Bishop Brown is the Prelate for the Fredericksburg, Virginia Diocese and the Titular Bishop for North America of the Christian Orthodox Church.  Bishop Brown received his Apostolic Succession under the Holy Christian Orthodox Church on August 22, 2003.

Some of the areas that God has truly gifted and anointed Bishop Brown in are church organization and growth, pastoral counseling, outreach, community involvement, pastoring pastors, training leaders and laypersons, teaching and preaching the Word of God.

Bishop Brown holds an Associates Degree in Ministry from Liberty Bible College, Lynchburg, VA, a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Ministry from Spirit of Truth Bible Institute in Richmond, Virginia (Dr. Paul Richardson, Chancellor), a Masters of Theology from Spirit of Truth Bible Institute, A Doctorate Degree in Pastoral Counseling from Spirit of Truth Bible Institute, and a Ph.D. in Christian Education from Faith Bible College and Seminary, Washington, D.C.

Bishop Brown has received numerous awards and citations over the years such as a proclamation from the City of Fredericksburg, Virginia by Mayor William M. Beck, for his community involvement efforts.  He was also asked to chair the Fatherhood program implemented within the school system in the City of Fredericksburg, VA.

As God leads him, he let people know that the organization will not allow anyone to hurt their ministry, but will otherwise strive to nurture and protect them to the extent possible.  "I will not allow anyone to be raped, robbed, nor pillaged under my leadership."

Bishop Brown has published articles in local papers as well as national magazines such as W.O.E. Magazine, a magazine published by Elder Deborah Morton, wife of Bishop Paul S. Morton of Full Gospel Church Fellowship, out of New Orleans, Louisiana.

Bishop Brown is married to Overseer Paulette Brown and has two daughters, Nakita and Nina.  He says that his history means little because "Remember the first, remember the last, remember what you do for Christ will last."